French Cuff Dress Shirts Available
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French Cuff Dress Shirts For Men

French Cuff Dress Shirts are very popular and very fashionable once again. You can get french cuffs that are square at the bottom edge of the cuff or cuffs that are round there. All french cuffs can be worn with cuff links since there is not a button on the cuff but in fact there are two button holes. It is also popular to wear french cuffs now without any cuff links and in more casual settings men will wear them with cuffs unfolded so that the edge of the cuffs extend over the wrists.

If you decide to purchase the dress shirts for your wardrobe at the department store, then your range of options in terms of fabric, fit, and customization is extremely limited. Chances are that some stores will not offer any kind of French Cuff Dress Shirts. If you are serious about your fashion and determined to wear french cuffs you may be out of luck when shopping at a department store. Do you want want french cufs as part of your business wardrobe?

Once you decide that you do not want to follow the pack on dress shirt cuff options, you will realize there is another tantalizing option for you. Go Online and have custom dress shirts made just for you. One of the benefits when buying online is that you decide all the custom options on your dress shirts, including the cuffs. You are not limited by the cuff options available on department store dress shirts! Click on the main photo above to be transfered to and view a complete gallery of all the custom options available.